About the M60 Vascular Group

Manchester was at the forefront of vascular surgery shortly after the Second World War. Professor Telford and Professor Boyd contributed extensively to our understanding of peripheral vascular disease and introduced sympathectomy as a treatment option. However, Manchester was always a net importer of vascular surgeons, particularly during the 1970’s. As the district hospitals appreciated the need to have their own vascular surgical service there were insufficient trainees in central Manchester and many came to Manchester and the Greater Manchester area from outside Manchester, including Scotland, London and the Midlands.

As a consequence the vascular surgeons in Greater Manchester had few close colleagues to turn to with clinical problems. Vascular surgery can be a fairly lonely speciality with high risk of mortality or serious complications for our patients, and our other general surgical colleagues were often unable to understand some of the stressful situations faced by vascular surgeons. To try and address this in 1995 Dr John Mosley, Consultant Vascular Surgeon at Leigh Infirmary established the Greater Manchester vascular group, the aim of which initially was to meet every two months for an hour to discuss vascular clinical problems and to establish fellowship amongst local colleagues.

Shortly after its inception, Professor McCollum recommended the name The M62 Vascular Group and it was known as this until 2003 when the M60 motorway was completed and the name was changed accordingly. The meetings have always been near to an exit point from the M60 motorway as it is far easier in the early evening to access such venues than to try and reach one or other postgraduate medical centres.

There have been a number of different sponsors of the meetings over the years. Boston Scientific were the initial parental sponsors, but there has been strong support from medi UK, Otsuka, CellTran, CryoLife, Lombard Medical and ParaMed. In 2005 the meetings were increased to eight per year. The district general hospital shared four meetings each year and the two teaching hospitals, Manchester Royal Infirmary and South Manchester chair the meetings four times each year.

The first meeting was on 9 October 1995 and was chaired by Dr Mosley. Subsequent meetings that year were chaired by Professor Charlesworth, Mr Tait, Mr Hulton, Mr Thomson and Mr Hughes. In 2001 an additional meeting was instigated in conjunction with the vascular surgeons from the Mersey region. This was initially an evening meeting on a Wednesday, which involved a debate on a vascular surgical topic. There were guest speakers from Liverpool and Manchester and there were research presentations. This meeting has extended and is now an all day meeting. There are scientific presentations, research presentations and the debate has generally continued. Traditionally, the President of the Vascular Society of Great Britain and Ireland attends the meeting and participates in the debate.